The Gospel According to Jonah Bible Study Sessions

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A 6 session DVD video-based small group study to walk you through the Book of Jonah with J.D. Greear.  Get some encouragement for a new kind of obedience to God!


The Gospel According to Jonah: A New Kind of Obedience invites group participants into a world fraught with missteps, disobedience, idolatry, and mistaken “identity.” It’s a world most of us would recognize in our own lives. But in the world of Jonah, we also get more than a foreshadowing of Jesus and a God that pursues us relentlessly. Through this study, individual participants can recognize the “Jonah” in themselves and channel this revelation into a greater passion for asking others into the same assurance.

For those who have been running from God as well as those who have served Him out of a burdensome sense of duty, this 6-session video study (12 to 18 mins. each) will encourage you to a new kind of obedience!   You can rent or buy the video sessions to stream on your digital device.

Rent these sessions as a bundle for personal use or for times you can’t be at the group Bible study sessions.

This video bundle will expire 6 months after the date of purchase.

Session 1: Rebellion (15:00)
In this session, J.D. teaches about Jonah’s rebellion against God’s command in chapter one of the Book of Jonah. We will hear how this depicts our own relationship with God, and how Christ meets us in our rebellion.

Session 2: Futility (16:00)
In this session, J.D. is going to look into the first half of Jonah’s prayer in chapter two of the Book of Jonah. We are going to see what it took for Jonah to come to a place where he could finally obey God.

Session 3: Salvation (12:00)
In this session, J.D. guides the group to look into the end of Jonah’s prayer, his message of salvation, and its implications for us.

Session 4: Witness (17:00)
In this session, J.D. will look at Jonah’s journey to Nineveh where he preached God’s Word and Nineveh responded. In Jonah we will see what is, and what is not, the responsibility of a witness.

Session 5: Religion (15:00)
In this session, J.D. will look at the first half of the fourth and final chapter in the Book of Jonah. Here we will see how Jonah’s idolatry and his ignorance created enmity between him and God. Again we will see God’s patience and grace at work.

Session 6: Obedience (17:00)
In this session, J.D. teaches through Jonah 4:5-11, the end of Jonah’s story. Notice Jonah’s reaction to God’s work in Nineveh and what it reveals about him and about you.


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  1. Joshua

    Our church’s adult learning group really enjoyed and benefited from this series by J. D. Greear. He demonstrated that the story about Jonah isn’t primarily about a rebellious prophet, evangelistic formulas or even a large fish… it’s about God’s glorious gospel. Jonah points us away from moralizing and hero worship to God’s heart for lost people expressed in the grace of God in Jesus Christ. That’s good news.

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