Made to Crave DVD Study: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food

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Made to Crave Group Bible Study by New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst is a six-session video study with participant's guide (sold separately) that uncovers the missing link between a woman's desire to be healthy and the spiritual empowerment necessary to make it happen.


In this six-session small group Bible study DVD, Made to Crave, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst helps women understand how cravings for lasting spiritual satisfaction are often mistaken for cravings for food.

According to Lysa, craving isn’t a bad thing. But the challenge is to realize God created us to crave so we’d ultimately desire more of Him in our lives, not more food. Many of us have misplaced that craving, overindulging in physical pleasures instead of lasting spiritual satisfaction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with unhealthy eating habits, Made to Crave will help:

• Break the “I’ll start again Monday cycle” and start feeling good about yourself today
• Stop beating yourself up over the numbers on the scale and make peace with the body you’ve been given
• Discover how weight loss struggles aren’t a curse but, rather, a blessing in the making
• Replace justifications that lead to diet failure with empowering go-to scripts that lead to victory
• Eat healthy without feeling deprived
• Reach a healthy weight goal while growing closer to God through the process

This Made to Crave DVD is designed for use with the Made to Crave Participant Guide (sold separately). When used in together, they provide you with practical tools that can strengthen your faith.

Made to Crave session titles include:
1: From Deprivation to Empowerment
2: From Desperation to Determination
3: From Guilt to Peace
4: From Triggers to Truth
5: From Permissible to Beneficial
6: From Consumed to Courageous Bonus Session: Moving the Mountain

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20 – 25 minutes

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6 to 8


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3 reviews for Made to Crave DVD Study: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food

  1. Melly

    Made to Crave is EXACTLY what I’ve been missing all these years! I know how to eat healthy; I’ve done it before to lose weight just to gain it back over and over again. Lysa Terkeurst (author of program) touches upon this vicious cycle that so many of us who struggle with food know all to well. With many thanks to Ms. Terkeurst, both my mother and I are on one of the most spiritual journeys we’ve ever set out upon and are getting physically and mentally healthy along the way. I highly recommend the book.

  2. Charlee

    Lysa explains that diet programs are “how-to’s”. Her program provides the “want-to’s”: the spiritual & mental motivation & inspiration to make lasting changes… I believe she has accomplished that. But don’t just get the participants guide & dvds, but get the book also to be truly successful.

  3. Thorne

    No matter what you are challenged with craving instead of God, Lysa’s book will help you see why food or anything else, will only leave you empty and quilt filled. You can learn that focusing on God and who you are to Him, those needs for satisfaction and fulfillment will finally be met and you can have “Peace”. This study is challenging, it challenges how we see ourselves, but if you allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you and truly open your eyes to the fact that food issues do reveal spiritual issues, it will change your life and even your body and health! I have been on my healthy living, God craving journey for 1 year now, my health has improved and I’ve been able to adhere to a meal plan and face the stresses of life without giving in to temptation. I’ve not been perfect but I’ve been able to focus on what I truly need, which is to crave God, not food.

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