Staying in Love DVD Study: Falling in Love Is Easy, Staying in Love Requires a Plan

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Falling for someone is easy. But staying in love? Ah, there’s the rub! Join pastor Andy Stanley as he guides you through a proven plan to help you keep romance alive and deepen your commitment to one another. The 4-session DVD includes four 15- to 20-minute teaching segments. The participant’s guide (sold separately) will enrich your experience with its practical tools that will help you delve deeper into the subject.


In this four-session small group Bible study DVD, Staying in Love, pastor Andy Stanley discusses how to stay in love once you fall in love.

We all know what’s required to fall in love… a pulse. Falling in love is easy. But staying there―that’s something else entirely. With more than a thousand matchmaking services available today and new ones springing up all the time, finding a romantic match can be easier than ever. But staying together with the one you’ve found seems to be the real challenge.

So, is it possible for two people to fall in love and actually stay there? Absolutely! Let Andy Stanley show you how through the four sessions of Staying in Love.

This DVD is designed for use with the Staying in Love Participant Guide (sold separately). When used together they work as a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth.

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Sessions include:
1. Love is a Verb
2. Re-Modeling
3. Feelin’ It
4. Multiple Choice Marriage

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15 – 20 minutes

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4 reviews for Staying in Love DVD Study: Falling in Love Is Easy, Staying in Love Requires a Plan

  1. Mo

    We just finished this study in our Sunday school class…it came at the perfect time for my husband and I stumbling on a rough place in our marriage of 3+ years. It is no doubt that God speaks a powerful message through Andy in this series…I highly recommend it to everyone (single, dating, engaged and married)! This tool is working wonders in our lives and in our marriage…I have faith it can do the same for you!

  2. Mark

    My wife and I have been married over 25 years. We do truly love one another and have had a good marriage. About a year and a half ago our love and marriage was put to a great test. This was not due to unfaithfulness or immorality, but rather the foundation of trust between us had been powerfully attacked. My focus of faith, relationship, and dependence upon God was suddenly displaced and redirected to my wife. Our relationship went from great to the gutter in a very short time. Andy, helped me to see that, even when there is history and possible evidence to not trust, I need to choose to fill this gap with the most generous explanation possible. I must admit, I’m not very good at this, and I have only been able to do this as I have sought Christ and placed my trust in Him for my marriage. My wife and I are now being drawn closer together, as she is hearing that I trust her. She is being drawn to my acceptance of her as I am drawn to trust again in Christ for my marriage and not only in my wife’s acceptance of me. Thank you Lord!

  3. PEV

    I use this for premarital counseling sessions. Couples who have viewed the four sessions confront more issues than they could possibly imagine. Our couples bible study also used this teaching. Andy Stanley is fun while informative, never critical nor does he favor one sex over the other.

    The real message is in the title: STAYING IN LOVE, not just hanging in by the skin of your teeth.

    My favorite of all Andy’s teachings, and that’s saying something!
    Truly for couples today.

  4. Steve

    Sounds like an odd summary I know; but I first listened to Andy’s series while I swam laps (with a waterproof iPod set-up) and kept thinking how good it was for me (married 37 years) as well as thinking of so many others I know who would benefit from hearing it. We are now going to have a “date-night” series on Friday night open to our church to come to our house to see and discuss. Another couple will facilitate it with us. Although between the two couples we have over 60 years of good marriage under our belts, we are looking forward to continuing to improve what we have as well as point others in the right directions and help head-off potential areas of straying too far off the path.

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