Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum with DVD: 10 Lessons to Nurture Faith Beyond High School

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This study is designed to help high school students develop a solid foundation that endures through the faith struggles they will face in college. Download a copy of the Sticky Faith Teen Guide here.


Churches are waking up to the reality that almost half of their high school students struggle deeply with their faith in college. Offering special high school “Senior Seminars” or giving seniors a graduation Bible and hoping for the best are too little, too late. In response to this problem, the Fuller Youth Institute conducted a national study to answer the question: What can youth workers do to help students develop a lasting faith in God? By following high school seniors into their first three years of college to gain an understanding of the transition from high school to college, they found their answers. And Sticky Faith Curriculum for Teenagers enables youth leaders to impact to their students with a faith that sticks. This 10-session book and DVD study gives youth workers a theological and philosophical framework alongside real-world, road-tested programming ideas.

1. What’s the Real Gospel?
2. How Do I See Myself after Graduation?
3. How Can I Have Genuine Conversation with People of Other Faiths?
4. How Can My Faith Shape My Life and Career?
5. How Can My Struggles Help My Faith Stick?
6. How Can My Friends Help My Faith Stick?
7. How Will I Respond to the Party Scene in College?
8. How Can I Find a New Church?
9. How Can I Manage My Life after High School?
10. How Can I Experience God on a Regular Basis?

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1 review for Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum with DVD: 10 Lessons to Nurture Faith Beyond High School

  1. Ashley

    Well done. Very useful. My sr high youth really enjoyed these lessons and it helped us dig deeper into the roots of faith.

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