The Gospel of John 12 Session DVD Study

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Jesus has called you. Called you to be different. Called you to love. Called you to restore. Equip your small group to answer the call of God on their life with this incredible 12-session DVD. The Gospel of John: Finding Identity and Purpose DVD Bible Study covers 12 passages from the book of John that will deepen your understanding of identity, calling, and God’s purpose for you. Packed with leader tips, discussion questions, practical applications, and prayer points, this DVD study can be led by anyone! Sessions are taught by 6 professors with specialized areas of knowledge.

DVD Includes:

  • 12 video sessions on DVDs
  • Leader’s Guide, PDF on CD

Find God’s Calling for Your Life in This Gospel of John DVD

Have you ever wondered what you were meant to do? What your purpose is? How can you answer God’s call on your life? Deepen your understanding of what it means to be called by God with the events, miracles, and practical applications in the Gospel of John.

Sessions Include:

  1. Called to Honor: Water into Wine John 2:1 11
  2. Called to Belong: Temple Cleansing John 2:13 22
  3. Called to Believe: Nicodemus John 3:1 16
  4. Called to Restoration: Samaritan Woman John 4:4 26
  5. Called to Healing Work: Healing the Paralytic John 5:1 18
  6. Called to Be a Temple: If You Are Thirsty John 7:37 44
  7. Called to Be a Light: I Am the Light of the World John 8:12
  8. Called to Testify: Blind Man John 9:1 18, 35 41
  9. Called to Shepherd: Good Shepherd John 10:1 16
  10. Called to Be a Living Witness: Lazarus John 11:1 27, 34 44
  11. Called to Serve in Love: Last Supper John 13:1 17
  12. Called to Bear Fruit: I Am the True Vine John 15:1 17

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12 Teaching Sessions Perfect for Bible Study on the Book of John

The first part of each lesson delves into the meaning of the biblical text, using first-century historical background to bring out the text’s deeper meaning, which involves investigating the historical, religious, and social background of first-century Jewish culture and their Greek and Roman neighbors.

In the second part of each lesson, after making deeper connections to the biblical texts, instructors will help you and those you lead to apply the relevant lessons to your life in practical and rich ways. Life application in the church today is often shallow and many times unrelated to the real meaning of the biblical passage. In this series, the practical application derives directly from the biblical text.

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25 to 30 minutes

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9 to 12


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1 review for The Gospel of John 12 Session DVD Study

  1. Brianna

    Dr. Williams does a stunning job of leading this study through material regarding the gospel of John. Each session is full of informative teaching by various top biblical scholars with insightful applications to go along with it. Not only will this study help you learn the material of John, but it will help you to think about how the Lord wants to work in your life now as he did in the lives of those that John speaks of. If you are looking for a study to go through with a small group, or just on your own for further study, look no further!

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