The Parables of Jesus 6-Session DVD Bible Study (Deeper Connections)

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This 6 session DVD study series covers the Parables of Jesus by utilizing engaging teachers with practical lessons.  With easy-to-understand explanations, thought-provoking questions, and practical applications, each 23-35 minute session first dives into Scripture and then shows how to put Jesus’ lessons into action.


Gain powerful historical insights and perspective-shifting cultural context behind the Parables of Jesus with this 6-session DVD study. Unlike most Bible studies available, each session begins in Israel, making it easier to experience and understand the cultural background of key events. This dynamic and easy-to-understand study is written and taught by biblical experts with specialized areas of knowledge. It comes with a downloadable leader guide—so anyone can lead this study! Also available: Participant Guides (includes outlines, maps & pictures, room for notes, key Scripture verses, additional information, and a personal five-day Bible study guide to help you get the most out of each lesson.)

Jesus communicated deep spiritual truths through simple, vivid, and engaging stories. Woven from the stuff of first-century Jewish everyday life, the parables of Jesus made the kingdom of God understandable and accessible to his listeners. In six engaging, interactive small group sessions, this Deeper Connections DVD will give you the necessary historical background and fresh new insights into his parables and their meanings to help you apply these lessons to your own life.

6-Session Overview of the Parables of Jesus

From the parable of the mustard seeds to the parable of the prodigal son, get a fantastic overview of 6 major key parables Jesus shared with followers and pharisees alike, and what they meant in first-century Jewish and Roman culture:

  1. The Coming of the Kingdom: Weeds, Mustard Seeds, Yeast
  2. The Grace of the Kingdom: Two Debtors
  3. The God of the Kingdom: The Prodigal Son
  4. The Demand of the Kingdom: Treasure and Pearls
  5. The Mission of the Kingdom: The Wedding Banquet
  6. The Fulfillment of the Kingdom: Sheep and Goats

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Each session of this DVD study includes:

  • 25-35 minute sessions with optional audio reading and a flexible structure design to facilitate group discussions
  • A short guided walkthrough of the places Jesus stepped. Journey to relevant locations in Israel as you dive deeper into well-known Bible passages, visiting:
    • Fields of Capernaum
    • First Century Jewish Villa
    • The Road to Jericho
    • and much more!
  • Easy-to-understand commentary from top professors and experts from Biola, Wheaton, Talbot, and more!
  • Incredible historical insights that will deepen your understanding of these familiar stories.
    1. Historical and cultural background
    2. An engaging, close look at the biblical text and its meaning
    3. Accurate, encouraging, and challenging applications of the Bible’s message to life today
  • Practical Applications—Unpack complex Scriptures and get equipped with the tools for practical transformation and never be the same!

Also available is a FREE leader guide with step-by-step suggestions to get the most out of this study including a materials list, session outlines, time frame for 60- and 75-minute session options with extensions, leading tips, and more! It’s never been easier to lead! Perfect for small groups, Bible studies, or personal use.

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1 review for The Parables of Jesus 6-Session DVD Bible Study (Deeper Connections)

  1. Sara

    This study is great for a Sunday school class or small group study. The intro of each session takes you to where Jesus taught the parable. Then a New Testament scholar discusses the setting of the parable in history, the meaning of the parable to 1st century people, and why Jesus would use these parables. Then the speaker talks about how it pertains to us. A few of the parables were ones that we have generally passed over in other studies.

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