Twisting the Truth Participant’s Guide with DVD: Learning to Discern in a Culture of Deception

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In this six-session small group video experience, Andy Stanley exposes some common ways God's truth gets twisted. Each one has the potential to destroy your relationships, cloud your decisions, and distort your perception of him. This study helps us identify where we have “twisted thinking” and overcome them. Includes DVD and Participant Guide.


Join Andy Stanley for Twisting the Truth, a six-session small group Bible study developed to help you and your group understand how truth can get twisted and distorted, and how that impacts your life.

Throughout the study Stanley exposes four destructive and all-too-prevalent lies about authority, pain, sex, and sin. They’re deceptions powerful enough to ruin our relationships, our lives, even our eternities―but only if we let them.

With his gift for straight, to-the-heart communication, Andy Stanley helps us exchange falsehoods for truths that can turn our lives completely around.

This pack contains one Participant’s Guide―filled with helpful discussion starters, video overviews, space for writing down thoughts, a helpful Leader’s Guide and much more―and one Twisting the Truth DVD which features six 10-15 minute live teaching sessions from Andy Stanley.

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Sessions include:
1. The Sound of Deception
2. All Is Not as It Seems
3. Says Who?
4. Facing Forward
5. It’s Only Physical
6. It’s No Mistake

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General (Anyone)


Session Length

15 – 20 minutes

Number of Sessions

6 to 8


Discipleship (Growing)

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3 reviews for Twisting the Truth Participant’s Guide with DVD: Learning to Discern in a Culture of Deception

  1. Michelle

    All I can say is that Andy Stanley has a gift from GOD to talk in a way that God’s word is understood. My Husband is teaching this book on our Wednesday night class at church we have 1 week left of it and it has been wonderfully eye-opening. Last night was section Number 5 about Sex and if you have teenagers at home it is worth letting them hear this message. Thanks Andy.

  2. Tom

    Our small men’s group was captivated and enlightened by this powerful presentation of how Satan twists the truth to put people in a tailspin. A straight forward presentation of the Gospel that should be viewed by non-Believers. I am going to recommend our youth group view this entire series of messages.

  3. Lawrence

    I first saw this series almost a year ago and have watched several times since. Pastor Stanley effectively delivered the messages in a clear, easy to understand way and has demonstrated how easy it is to get pulled into deception. I have used this series as a foundation for a small group I led with some close friends and what an amazing impact it had. What I appreciated the most was the fact that Pastor Stanley did not pull any punches when it came to the delivery. He shared the truth for what it was and that can create some interesting reactions! I also appreciate Pastor Stanley’s teaching.

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