WEIRD Participant’s Guide with DVD: Because Normal Isn’t Working

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In the six-session small group Bible study DVD, Weird, Craig Groeshel helps challenges us to live according God’s truths and turns ‘normal’ upside down. Because let's face it, NORMAL isn't working! A Christ-centered philosophy on everything from money to scheduling to purity, helping participants break out of the normal rut and live according to the rhythms of God's grace and the truth of his Word is presented. Comes with one participant's guide.


In this six-session small group Bible study, WEIRD, pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel shatters ‘normal’ and turns ‘weird’ upside down.

Normal people are stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Many of their relationships are, at best, strained and, in most cases, just surviving. Even though we live in one of the most prosperous places on earth, normal is still living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead.

Lust and frequent “casual” sex are far more common than purity and a healthy married sex life. And when it comes to God, the many believe, but few practice the teachings of Scripture in their everyday lives.

Simply put, normal isn’t working. In this six-session, video-based study, Groeschel’s WEIRD views will help you break free from the norm to lead a radically abnormal (and endlessly more fulfilling) life.

This pack includes one WEIRD DVD and Participant Guide providing individual and group activities, between session personal studies, and additional background material that enhances the video experience.

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Sessions include:
1. The God Kind of Weird
2. It’s Time to Be Weird
3. Weird That Money Can’t Buy
4. Pleasing God is Weird
5. Weird Makes You Truly Sexy
6. The Weirdest Blessing Possible

WEIRD Session 1

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General (Anyone), Men, Singles/College


Session Length

15 – 20 minutes

Number of Sessions

6 to 8


Discipleship (Growing)

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2 reviews for WEIRD Participant’s Guide with DVD: Because Normal Isn’t Working

  1. Teach

    We did a small group study through this book. Interestingly it was mostly just a group of church friends. I was a little disappointed that perhaps some of the people in the group were not ready to be challenged or changed. Personally, I really wanted to be sure that my perspective is God’s perspective. I want to live this life for Him in the graces he desires. So before you start, and all the way through, pray that those in the group will be willing to be changed to be more like Christ.

    Will you be like the world? or are you willing to be Weird?

    I would recommend this in adult groups. High school groups may benefit much as well from this study! You could do the study on your own or as a family too.

  2. Linda

    Learning that living a Christian life is not the normal way life is.

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