Host Resources

Here are just a few of our favorite and suggested resources for small group leaders…..

Small Group Host Training

When we started our first online group about three years ago, we found these from Saddleback Church extremely helpful.  There are 18 videos in the playlist that help with questions ranging from ‘How Do I Fill My Group’ to ‘How Do We Deal with Childcare’ to ‘How Do I Find Discussion Content’.

These videos were shot specifically for Saddleback Church small group hosts, BUT many of the topics and suggestions are applicable to most small groups.

Another great video is this Small Group Training 101 video that gives 10 practical steps for starting and hosting a small group.

And finally, this set of 12 videos from Life Groups has great leadership tips.

Books We Love

If you are involved in developing a small group ministry at your church, we recommend getting one of these books to help you get started. These practical book walk you through the questions you need to answer to develop your own intentional small group strategy. Because it is built on principles and not methods, this step-by-step process can be implemented successfully in any size church. Some books include lists of questions for you to answer to help you assess your current situation and your desires for the future. For many, personal stories, Scripture, and examples ground the discussion and show the system in action.

Printable Leader Resources

The following resources from North Point Ministries, Inc. can be especially useful for new groups and small group leaders.