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Growing Together – Small Group Outing Ideas

Nothing will bond the members of a small group like group outings for outreach and fun. These events can offer casual time spent together truly getting to know each other.  Doing outreach in a group is always fun and leaves everyone feeling very good about the time spent.

Since summer is a great time for these types of activities, we wanted to share a few ideas with you.

The small nonprofits in your area can benefit from many hands.  First, poll your group to see what service areas interest them.  If no one has any to offer, suggest serving at a local food shelf, visiting with seniors, a Habitat for Humanity build, or doing a clean-up event for a nonprofit.  Check with area nonprofits to see what their needs might be and their rules and procedures around group service.  Small group members who know of seniors in need of yard work or house cleaning can serve as point persons to arrange those projects.

There is nothing better than combining both an outreach and a fun event.  Serve at your local food shelf and then go out for a meal.  Join in a local clean-up effort and then head to a brewery for some cold drinks. Do yard work for a neighbor in need and finish the day with a potluck at a member’s house.  With the busy schedules of your group members, finding one date to do both events may be easier than finding two dates to do the events separately.

We recommend planning an outing or outreach between each small group study you do.  At least consider doing them quarterly, or around significant holidays.  Don’t miss an opportunity to do a special gathering around important anniversaries for the group.

There are so many benefits to this type of time spent together.  It can feel less formal than the group study time, allowing people to relax and share about themselves and their lives. It can give group members insight into what types of causes members care about and perhaps learn why.  Travel time to and from events can be shared, giving even more time to get to know members better.  All these benefits build trust among group members. You will find that group members share more, both inside and outside of the study, coming together, growing in faith.  

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Christmas Serving Project

I am so bummed that we were out of town this past weekend, but four of the couples in our small group worked at the Big Lake Food Shelf on Saturday morning.  They checked in clients, packed groceries, and helped any way they could.  Hope we can do more of this in the future!

Afterward, they had a Christmas luncheon which I hear was delicious.  Looking forward to next year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!