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Christian Leadership Studies

Small group ministry is about making disciples.  Any member of a group may decide to birth a group of their own one day.  The Word of God spreads further and further through those disciples.

One of the characteristics of a disciple is their willingness to lead others to Christ.   In that spirit, I want to highlight some of the Small Group Advisor bible studies with messages for leaders.  Doing these would be great for a brand-new small group to get off to a strong start.   For a seasoned group, any one of these would be great refreshers.  

A great starting point is, “All In” by Mark Batterson. Strong small groups start with a strong relationship with Jesus.    As Mark states in the study, if Jesus is not Lord of all, then Jesus is not Lord at all.   Christian leadership begins with giving Jesus lordship over everything. This study will walk the group through exactly how to do that.

“Too Busy Not to Pray” by BIll Hybels, is an excellent study, because making disciples is filled with troubles if we don’t invite God into the process. This study is an excellent look at the power we gain when we make time for prayer.  

“Community” by Andy Stanley, a rich look at what small groups and life in community can be through Christ.  This study is all about how small groups bring intentionality to relationships that honor God while He uses them to make us more like Him. 

“The Case for a Creator,” “The Case for Christ”, or “The Case for Faith”, teaches how to strengthen our evangelism.  These Lee Strobel studies are foundational to being able to speak with confidence about Christianity, another key characteristic of Christian leadership. 

There are many good resources on the Host Resource page of Small Group Advisor that are suitable for leaders and leaders in training.  The time you put into reviewing these, either as a leader or as a small group, will yield endless benefits for your discipleship journey.